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Online Vocal Training

Personal and Effective Vocal Training with One of Our Experienced Vocal Coaches

Vocal Session with Chris Beatty

Vocal Session with Chris Beatty

1 - 1 hour session

Vocal Coach Chris Beatty has 5 decades of teaching, coaching and performance experience. These general sessions will take the direction you need to build, or rebuild your voice. The key is neutral, expert feedback and guidance leading to you being your very best. 

Vocal Session with Mark David Williams

Vocal Session with Mark David Williams

1 - 1 hour session

Buy Three Get One Free - Enter code MARKB3G1 in the cart

As an experienced teacher and coach and a touring professional, Mark David Williams is fully qualified to walk with you on your vocal journey. This is the perfect scenario to help you discover what your next steps should be. You will build valuable foundations while smoothing out problem areas along the way.  Mark is a passionate teacher and experienced in many contemporary and traditional styles.

Not Sure Where To Begin?

Start with a Quick Voice Assessment

Voice Assesment

Voice Assesment

1 - 0.25 hour session

With just one quick evaluation and consultation, Vocal Coach can put you on the right track to a better voice. Whether you are a Speaker or a Singer, experienced, new or rusty, we can give you a plan of action that addresses your personal strengths and pitfalls.

We Also Offer Many Topic Specific Lessons Tailored to Meet You Where You Are

The Foundations Of Singing

3 - 1 hour sessions

This 3-session series will evaluate where you are, then walk you step-by-step to a new level. Having a trained vocal coach guide and give feedback is the key to learning the right skills in the shortest amount of time.

Preparing A Song For Performance Or Audition

1 - 1.5 hour session

Knowing the music and words is one thing. Owning the song for performance is something else. This session will teach you how to evaluate all aspects of communicating a specific song and begin to apply those principles.

Preparing for an audition means very specific song choices and learning what’s appropriate for that situation. Let us walk you through your audition preparation so you can do your very best.

Worship Leading - The Technique And Process

3 - 1 hour sessions

Whether you are the lead singer or a member of a small worship team there are things you can do to maximize your effectiveness. These sessions by teacher/coach/worship leader Mark Williams will help you  take the next steps to being all you can be as you lead others in worship.

Make the Most of Your Speaking Voice

1 - hour session

Most of us speak much more than we sing. Therefore, the way we use the speaking voice has everything to do with vocal health, stamina and consistency when we sing. Even non-singers will benefit from this systematic look are how your produce your speaking voice and how you can make it better. For public speakers, teachers, pastors, salesmen and even sports coaches this is even more important.

Teaching Others to Sing

2 - 1 hour sessions

This session package with Chris Beatty "the Vocal Coach's Vocal Coach" is for those who teach others how to use their voice. Being a great singer doesn’t automatically give you the skills to evaluate and teach others. In fact, some of my best teachers weren’t great singers. But they did have the training, skill, experience and musicianship to do the job well. I love to pass on the knowledge and techniques ive developed through my decades of teaching voice.

For Younger Students

1 - 0.75 hour session

Teaching Teens To Sing is a specialty area of vocal training. They’re not kids. They’re not adults. They’re teens. They are physically limited in some respects while at the same time capable of great singing…  if they're taught the right way. This is the time to really stress the foundations, building safe habits that will last a lifetime. Our vocal coaches will inspire and challenge young singers while never risking their vocal instrument. After all, these are the singers of tomorrow.