Daily Workout: Med & Low

The Vocal Coach Daily Workout for Medium and Low Voice CD includes 35 fun and challenging exercises… More ⇓

Daily Workout: Med & Low is also included in

Vocal Coach Complete Vocal Coach Singer Vocal Fitness Gift Pack

Daily Workout: Med & Low

The Vocal Coach Daily Workout for Medium and Low Voice CD from Chris & Carole Beatty includes 35 fun and challenging, orchestrated exercises. This training CD is intended for lower voices (alto, baritone & bass) it covers a range of over two octaves from low F to high A.

This CD will help you build strength and stamina throughout your range while offering 70 minutes of enjoyable exercises for your voice.

Have a wide range or want to further expand your range? Simply add the companion CD (Daily Workout: High Voice) to some of your workout to focus on expanding your range.

CD Contains:

  • 70 Minutes of Warm-ups, Workouts and Cool Downs
  • 35 Fun and Challenging Orchestrated Exercises
  • also Includes a Chart of Exercise Patterns and Difficulty Rating

Daily Workout also available for High Voice

Audio Samples:

Daily Workout Teaching
Daily Workout Exercise

My iPod is now a virtual Vocal-Coach-On-The-Go. I love it. I start my day with some nice Daily Workouts then on the drive to work I use the Ultimate Choir Warm-Ups which is just plain fun! Thank you for making these materials so accessible and SO easy to use.

–Kaleb/San Bernardino CA

You dont’ have to be restricted by your “range”.

While most singers can identify their primary vocal range, many can sing notes much higher and/or lower, and those that cant’t, want to. If you have a broad vocal range, check out the Vocal Fitness Gift Pack ot get the full range of workouts and a bonus. If you want to push the limits of your vocal range and sing notes you never thought you could, try our Expanding your Range CD

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