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We are here to help. Check out the blog for answers to common questions ranging from posture to performance and everything in between. If you don’t find what you are looking for drop us a line and we will be glad to answer your vocal question.

Teaching Kids to Sing

Children Love Singing! Teach Them the Right Way to Use Their Voice

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Your Abilities Will Grow Dramatically When You Train With a Vocal Coach

Schedule an online session with If you are serious about your vocal training, private vocal instruction will help you become a truely accomplished vocalist. Schedule an online lesson with Vocal Coach Chris or Mark.

We offer custom personal voice lessons as well as training packages tailored to address common chalenges that vocalists face.

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Entertainer's Secret

Revive your Dry Voice

Entertainer's Secret

Soothe your throat and smooth your voice with Entertainer's Secret Throat Relief

This unique, easy to use, non-medicinal throat spray is available in 2 ounce bottles in a refreshing honey apple flavor. This spray is formulated to resemble natural mucosal secretions and designed to moisturize, humidify and lubricate the mucous membranes of the throat and larynx.

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